Nail Fungus and Athletes

Nail Fungus Often Affects Athletes

More than 80% of nail fungus infections are caused by dermatophytes1, which is the reason why athletes often suffer from nail fungus: dermatophytes are often found in frequently used sports shoes.

Nagelpilz bei Sportlern

Risk Factors for Athletes:

  • Injuries to the feet (pathogens can penetrate the skin)

  • Sweaty trainers

  • Going barefoot at swimming pools and in changing rooms

  • Rental shoes for some sports

  • Trainers that are too tight

Preventing Nail Fungus in Athletes

The most important measure for preventing nail fungus is good foot hygiene. Regularly washing the feet – including between the toes – keeps the pathogens at bay. Injuries, such as those caused when cutting the toenails, should also be avoided. Sports shoes should be breathable and loose fitting.


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ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

Loceryl is indicated for mild fungal nail infections