Nail Fungus Prevention

Nail fungus is contagious. The pathogens that cause nail fungus thrive in warm, damp places. To reduce risk of further infections, be sure to take the following measures, even after you've successfully treated your infection with Loceryl® nail lacquer.


Avoid Going Barefoot

Avoid going barefoot, especially at swimming pools and in changing rooms. Nail fungus is highly contagious. Reduce the risk of infections by wearing thongs in wet zones and sports areas. Those already affected by nail fungus should always wear shoes at home unless they live alone.


Treat Nail Fungus Immediately

Nail fungus is a very persistent condition. The earlier you start treatment the sooner the nail fungus will be eliminated.


Be patient and consistent

Treating nail fungus effectively takes patience – it can take up to 12 months. Using Loceryl® to fight nail fungus is quick and easy as you just need to apply the product once a week*. 


Moisturise your feet

The pathogens that cause nail fungus often enter the body through fine cracks in the skin. Be sure to moisturise the skin on your feet and hands regularly with a moisturiser of your choice, such as Cetaphil Intensive Moisturising Cream. Athletes and people with diabetes are at increased risk of contracting a fungal nail infection.


If you are suffering from mild nail fungus, we have the following useful tips for you during treatment. Using Loceryl® nail lacquer and following these tips will make your treatment particularly effective.

*or twice a week

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

Loceryl is indicated for mild fungal nail infections